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Best Educational Apps

Education is very important in today’s time, without it everything is incomplete. Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, morals, beliefs, and habits. There are many sources of knowledge in the present era. In today’s era, man has come a long way. Today we can get knowledge by sitting at our home. Today, through this post, you will get to know about 10 top educational apps.

    BYJU’S – The Learning App ( “Fall in Love with learning!”)

byju nextdayinfo
byju nextdayinfo

BYJU’S is an Indian Multinational Educational Technology Company in Bangalore. This app has proved to be a boon for today’s student. This app wants that no student should be behind and he should be ahead in every subject. Byju’s -the learning app, India’s largest online learning program. the concepts are taught by India’s best teacher in 2011…Including Founder and CEO ,Byju Raveendran & Byju Divya Gokulnath. Team Byju’s aims at making their students lifelong learners.

Brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan
Founded In2011
CEO & FounderRaveendran & Divya Gokulnath
Rating & Reviews4.2/5
Developed ByThink and Learn Pvt Ltd.



LearnEngaging video lessons, it covers Math,Physics,Chmistry and Biology for classes 4-12th.
Practise to perfectionAdaptive all Exercise that ensure complete understanding of concepts.
ReviseAll chapters are revised so that students are warm up and ready to race for each chapter.
Prepare for all competitive examWith this modules cover all state –level boards,ICSE and CBSE syllabus for 6-10 classes and complete IIT,JEE and NEET preparation for classes 11-12th
AnalyseTeam BYJUs analyse progress, strengths,and real time reports
DoubtsTeam BYJUS clear all Doubts during classes


2.Vedantu: Live Learning App

vedantu nextdayinfo
vedantu nextdayinfo

Vedantu is the pioneer of LIVE Online Learning  in India. It is specially designed for students to make their learning with fun and enjoy from the best teachers from the comfort of your home. The company’s name Vedantu is said to be derived from Sanskrit words Veda (knowledge) and Tantu (network).It is platform where teachers provide tuitions to students over the internet. in this app students get unlimited access to all courses, test series, online study material ,assignments, live in class doubt . It is founded in 2011 by Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena & Anand Parkash.

CEO & Founder Vamsi Krishna, Pulkit Jain, Saurabh Saxena & Anand Parkash.
Founded In2011
Rating & Reviews4.4/5



Live in class QuizzesMaking real time and learning fun and perform better live learning offers free classes ,online study, study material for test preparation for CBSE,ICSE boards.
Complete exam PreparationGet NCRT solutions for class 6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12th answer key, previous ques papers for CBSE Class 10,12 IIT-JEE main, NEET,KVPY,NTSE.
Play Live Interactive quizVedantu learning app, this unique feature places every day ,a real time fun quiz and win amazing prize
Prepare for all competitive examWith this module Vedantu prepare for all competitive exams with hard working and particle knowledge. like IIT-JEE
Great Record of Excellence14 Vedantu students have got top 100 category ranks in JEE MAIN2020
DoubtsTeam Vedantu clear all Doubts during classes very smoothly
  1. Unacademy

Unacademy is Indian educational technology company. this app learns education live classes .this app aim to change the way of study and makes study easy for each students.

CEO & FounderGaurav Munjal,Roman Saini, & Hemesh Singh
Founded In2015
CreatedYou Tube in 2010
Rating & Reviews4.2/5
Developed BySorting Hat Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 


All New PlannerWith the planner students can easily access plan of the day
Interactive Live ClassesInteractive live Classes students participate in live classes and take their doubts
Compete within groupsTeam making groups of students live and show how to do studing
Weekly mock test & QuizzesTeam take Weeakly mock test and do quizzes,so students learn their lesson easily
Raise A handIn live class any student chose option to raise a hand and repeat ques again
DoubtsTeam  clear all Doubts during classes very smoothly
  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an American  education organization .this organization aim is polish the students make study easily and smooth.this app makes online tools which help students to make their carrier batter

CEO & Founder Sal Khan
Founded In2006
Available In Multiple Language
Rating & Reviews4.5/5


Multiple LanguagesIn this app, students can also do courses in different languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Kannada
MissionTeam mission is to make free world class education


5.Whitehat Jr


Whitehat jr is an Indian online live coding classes for kids.This app help to learn kids coding, algorithms,and thinking to create websites.

CEO & Founder Karan Bajaj
Founded In2018
Rating & Reviews4.3/5


Schedule  a free trail classIn this app student book a free trail coding classes
Website CreateWith the help of coding classes, kids make there own website
Music ClassIn this app kids learn Pino, table classes and make own future bright




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