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Best YouTube Music Channels

Everyone’s life is full of stress and a hectic schedule at some point, and at that moment, only one thing that can rejuvenate us is Music. We all know that YouTube is a vast platform, which is widely accepted all over the world. There is nothing left on YouTube that you won’t find, everything is available whether it is related to sports, news, exercises, entertainment or even food recipes. Mostly for entertainment purposes, people make use of YouTube.

There are several channels on YouTube that uploads the top songs and videos on their channels. Channels like mp juice post handpicked collections of music that can easily win everyone’s heart.

World Star Hip-Hop

Music is the one important indispensable unit of YouTube. As the name suggests, this channel has an amazing collection of hip hop songs, and this collection will surely attract hip hop music lovers. It features the exclusive premiers of the music, rap freestyles, artist contents, and more importantly behind the scenes clips. Due to the offering of these services brilliantly, it has already made reached approximately 25 million subscribers.

Pixl Networks

Pixl networks offer its customers almost everything from live lounges to the interviews of big stars. If you want to be in touch with the latest pop music trend culture, this is the best choice for you on YouTube. It is considered to be one of the leading music distributors with approx. 5 million subscribers. In the last several years, this channel has contributed hugely to popularising pop music all over the world.

Majestic Casual

This channel serves as the best music channel for the discoveries of music for the curious minds. They generally upload the soul and blues music collections. If you are the one, who does not run behind the popular hip-hop, rock or pop kinds of music, then this channel is the right one for you to rely upon. This YouTube music channel has the ability to turn out the casual music channel into a majestic masterpiece.


This music channel has the world’s most subscribers and is also the fastest-growing channel on youtube with over 105 million subscribers. Earlier, it was the company, which was known for the pirated content of Bollywood songs, it has now evolved as the best-labelled movie studio. With the new ideas of innovations and evolution, this channel has brought a large base of audience from all over the world. You can find the music videos of this channel on ss youtube too, they often upload this kind of music to increase their views, likes and subscribers, which is actually a good move for any channel.

Big Hit Entertainment

This channel is of south Korea, developed by Bang Si-Hyuk. It has increased its popularity by managing the world-famous k-pop BTS band. Ibighit is the widely accepted channel on youtube for music, which has a collection of TXT and a solo artist Lee Hyun. This channel has gained approx 28 million subscribers and several million people visit this channel on daily basis.


With more than 130 million subscribers, this Cocomelon rhymes and poems channel entertains the kids with its music and lyrical theme songs. It has the highest views among all the other channels on YouTube. It features 3D animated videos of classical as well as modern nature, with few original hip-hop and pop effects. The most popular music video on this channel is Bath Song, which is viewed over 5 billion times over the internet. Its rhymes can also be seen on savefornet

Music always remains eternal irrespective of the generation. These above-given youtube music channels will satisfy your wants and will soothe your mood accordingly. So, try these channels and review them with your friends too.

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