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Want to boost your sales and increase your sales revenue? Then must use ice cream cone sleeves with customized solutions.

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Is Custom Ice Cream Cone Sleeves Worth It for Your Business? 

Ice cream cones become the instant solution to uplift your mood. Every individual needs yummy and appetizing. So, the brands and ice cream parlors offer multiple options to present your ice cream to your target audiences. And they need to wrap their waffle cones in their best-quality ice cream cones sleeves. But there are multiple options available in the industry to serve your customer likewise; premade cones sleeves, paper magazine cone sleeves, and customized cone sleeves for your customers. Therefore, you need to know about the difference in cone sleeves before ordering.

Difference between Magazine Cone Sleeves V/S Custom Cone Sleeves

Now it’s time to understand the difference between customized ice cream cone sleeves and premade magazine cone sleeves. Premade cone sleeves do not offer any choice to your customers for choosing the perfect material as per their choices. And the magazine paper cones sleeves make from magazine paper top wrap your cone jackets and hold them in their hands.

On the other hand, ice cream cone sleeves with custom options help you stand out in the pool of clusters due to customized information on the ice cream cone sleeves. Plus, customization allows you to choose every aspect according to your need. Due to this, you can choose material, design, content, font style, and many other options for your ice cream cones sleeves. Hence, the use of customized ice cream cone sleeves is preeminent for your brand improvements and increasing their sales revenue. Now is time to see what benefits you get from customized packaging solutions in your brand growth.

Available in Different Choice 

The first option is to make your product packaging according to your imagination. The niche of every business is different and needs things according to them. So, using waffle cones sleeves that design customized solution offers unlimited options to make perfect cone sleeves. Also, you can use versatile types of waffle cones to place the scoop of ice cream, these cones are different, and you need the packaging cones according to their sizes or style. Some are mentioned below for your information.

  • Sugar waffle ones
  • Twin cones
  • Donut cones
  • Cholate waffle bowl
  • Pretzel cones
  • Biscuit waffle cones

So, you can choose any kind of cone sleeves for your ice cream cones with customized and personalized solutions.

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Help Your Brand in Product Marketing 

When you talk about customization, you can choose your ice cream cones paper, printing method, and the content you place on the surface of cone sleeves. Moreover, you need to decide on your logo, brand name, and other features in printed content. Also, you need to place your content on the cone sleeves in manageable ways. In your ice cone sleeves, you must explain all the chunks that are enlisting below for you.

  • Logo
  • Brand name
  • Brand establishment date
  • Ingredients

However, if you want to make your brand recognizable in the industry, you need to make a meaningful logo for your custom waffle cone sleeves. Add to this; you need to pick the unique font style and multiple sizes of fonts to print your text on the ice cream cone sleeves. Here are some types of logos that work to promote your brand in the industry and take place in your customer’s minds.

  • Letter mark
  • Wordmark
  • Combination mark
  • Abstract
  • Emblem
  • Symbolic
  • Mascot

The Choice to Pick Eco-friendly cardstock 

Well, customization offers you to make cone sleeves with any kind of material: plastic, aluminum foil, and any other paper. But you need to be cautious while you choose the stock for your ice cream cones because you have to be responsible for green environments. Thus, the cardstock of your custom ice cream cone wrappers must be nature-friendly and durable to hold the weight of your cones or bear the moisture of ice cream scoops. So, you need to use Kraft cardstock with polythene linings that are moisture-resistant and protect your ice cream from melting and mess.

Attractive To Fascinated Customers 

When you design your ice cream wrappers, you make them appealing by using titillating ice cream cone wrappers. In this regard, you can make them bewitching by applying artwork that you want to see on your cone sleeves. Here is the list of designs that you can choose to make sublime ice cream cone wrappers wholesale to serve many customers.

  • Summer stripes design pattern
  • A vintage gold look of paper cones
  • Intricate lines
  • Heart shape design patterns
  • Gingham design patterns
  • Polka dot design patterns
  • Start shape design patterns
  • Bold colors design patterns
  • Slant lines with bright color
  • Water waves design pattern
  • Nut Print design for cone sleeves

However, the colors also spread their magic to engage your audiences with design. And research shows that 80% of people engage due to having attractive colors combination. So, choose the right one with the help of CMYK and PMS colors models.

Best To Spread Awareness 

You can provide information about your products by printing the chief ingredient name on the ice cream cone jackets. Also, you can use key ingredient graphics likes if you sell strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream cones, you print ingredients with illustrative effects on the cone sleeves. Along with flavor information, you can spread some positive messages among people by printing them on your ice cream cones. Moreover, you can print taglines that explain your brand values on the cone sleeve for people’s awareness. So, ask your ice cream cone sleeves suppliers to provide the best-quality foiling and printing effects that make your cone sleeve more adorable.


The long and short write-up of the discussion is to prove the importance of a custom ice cream cone sleeve for your brand growth. In this regard, you need to know the difference between magazine paper and customized cone sleeves. Also, you never ignore the pros you acquire from customized cone sleeves. These custom cone sleeves are attractive and help your brand in marketing. Also, the taglines and positive messages deliver information to your end-users. Now you can choose the right type of cone sleeve to present your item to your customers.


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