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How to use UltraMailer for bulk email

To reach both potential and current clients Ultra Mailer is the best option as a bulk email manager. It is the ultimate software for connecting through mass emails for online marketing purposes (sending emailsnewsletters, promotionsinvitations, and so on). This virtual postman is capable of sending 10,000 emails to specific addresses in a short period per day.

Procedures to send emails in ULTRA EMAILER

You can download a cost-effective one time-payment package or use a free version of this software. It’s not like other SMTP servers where you can also send free emails but in a limited quantity.

First step: How to create an email list- Three methods
Second step: How to add sender Emails     
Third Step: How to compose the email
Fourth Step: Send or Schedule The Email


First step: How to create an email list (Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, or Copy-Paste) 

#01. You can use the built-in innovative collecting or extracting facility that helps to acquire your potential customers from your target-audience-relevant website’s. Go to the ‘Tools’ option of UltraMailer. Select ‘Email collector’, and at the ‘Website’ bar copy-paste the URL of your selected website. The ‘Start hunt’ option will begin manually. Now press ‘Stop Hunt’ whenever you want.


#02. Another option is to include e-mail addresses from the text (.txt file) or from the CSV file or you can take the simple copy-paste option.

Ultraemailer Email
Ultraemailer Email

#03. Or you can create a list of your targeted client in .xls files or Excel spreadsheets.

Email marketing
Email marketing

 An outstanding fact is that it also has a built-in automatic email verifier which validates emails, manages them with categories, and makes sure there are no duplicate emails before sending.

Second step: How to add sender Emails:-Click ‘Sender Email’ option at the top left side of the bar. Then add ‘New sender’ by clicking right. In the ‘SMTP Server’ option, select ‘smtp gmail.com’. Use 587 as Port in case Port 25 is blocked. Fill the ‘Username’ with your preferable account, for instanceabc@gmail.com, set a ‘Password’, ‘Send From’- abc@gmail.com & Sender name. For getting any reply add an email id according to your preference in ‘Reply-To’. You can click the ‘Send

Test Email’ and then add a receiver Email to insure the Port or click ‘New Sender’.


Bonus tip: Before adding sender Emails go to your abc@gmail.com (Gmail) account & click the ‘Security’ option, scroll down & turn on the access of ‘Less secure app access’.

Finally ‘Enable IMAP’ from ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ at the Settings option of your Gmail account.

Third Step: How to compose the Email:-Go to the ‘Edit’ or ‘Compose new’ option to compose a message. Now you have reached the most significant part of your email sending procedure. Here your communication starts with your clients. You have to invisibly persuade your client to click on your mail. A mail with a creativeattractive, and informative subject line. You have to avoid the words, considered as spam and too many links. Or else it can affect the deliverability rate. Always keep in your mind that a good sense of presentation can boost the open rates. You can compose your mail or use the built-in tools to customize it. This software provides you with a vigorously tested 323 professional HTML email template. Click the ‘Compose new’ option, where you would be able to open File, editing, select the template, etc. When you are done click ‘Add to pending list’.

Email Template
Email Template

Fourth Step: Send or Schedule The Email: Click ‘Start now’ to send emails or schedule your camping. 60 sec time interval between two emails is the best practice. It can easily manage your composed email sending or sent state. Moreover, it can manipulate bounced back and unsubscribed emails so that you can track various statistics (such as opened & clicked the link you sent) about your emails.

By changing the ‘SMTP Server’ option you can send 5000 to unlimited emails just following the above steps to create the next campaigns with a 24hrs difference by using this software.

Bulk emailing, ULTRA EMAILER,

Wish you success in your mass email.


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