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The Approach at a High Level

Today every social communication platform has become the dynamic center or powerhouse for generating B2B lead. LinkedIn has listed the top among them. LinkedIn statistics (2020) recently has said that almost 79% of B2B advertisers consider LinkedIn as a trusted medium for building email marketing lists for generating B2B lead. Anyone who is thinking of running a comprehensive email marketing should keep in mind that LinkedIn is a platform where more than 2 million groups and almost 8,000 groups are launching every week, stated on LinkedIn. People get attached here to learn about various topics that they are passionate about and professional growth.

Targeting the right LinkedIn interest groups

The extensive aspect of joining a LinkedIn group is to chase for some advantages. LinkedIn provides easy access to numerous highly targeted leads related to marketing and sales. It seems like a gold mine to the advertising agencies for a perfect campaign. Some of these large-scale advantages are:

  1. The main quest of the specific group members is to increase network and interaction.
  2. All the members of these groups are enthusiasts of a particular topic.
  3. Members attend a distinct group in a view to searching for new anticipation for their business.

People prefer LinkedIn also for:

  1. Searching for the following suitable jobs or next suitable hires.
  2. Finding appropriate idols, mentors, and coaches.
  3. Generating new ideas from the experts or peers in their related industry.
  4. Business marketing and self-marketing.
  5. Attaining all industry-related news, current issues, and articles from the news feed of the groups.

Target group research can lead to accurate targets (prospect & customers). The right group can generate a continuous stream of next leads.

How to find the right LinkedIn groups

The most relevant groups open the optimum opportunity to run a successful email campaign. After having a complete overview of your customer’s avatar, run a quick group search by clicking on the group option on the LinkedIn page. You can filter the outcomes by selecting additional characteristics such as geography, industry, job title, and other elements to acquire your possible results from the recommendations.

You are to prioritize not the bigger but the most suitable targeted group.

Keyword generating ideas to find out the suitable LinkedIn group

Use a specific keyword to narrow down and achieve the optimum search results. Your keyword must be relevant to your super-targeted group. Add your location and geographical choice to get more relevant results. As an example, if you use the ‘network’- keyword will show network-based prospective. If you can relate with an ‘Alumni’ group, you can use it as a common ground. Amazingly all the members of the groups are very open to begin a new conversation. In your finding procedure of the latest updated information about relevant work and contracts, LinkedIn is going to help you most. It will help like no other vendor.

Scanning the best match with your prospective

Mark out the minimum groups that directly match with your prospect, generic category, expert lead groups. Fix your focus to this group and research thoroughly.

Or you can follow a relevant industry that is a sister image or Xerox of your business and research it manually to find out the groups it has joined for their business purpose.

Visit all the relevant profiles that are available on LinkedIn to figure out your targeted LinkedIn groups.

Build a shortlist after carrying out this research procedure to assess the right prospects to implement an email campaign for your business.

Building a marketing list

So two ways are mainly defined in this process:

  1. Targeting particular prospective groups.
  2. Figuring out the ‘Aliens’ and focus on them.

1.How to target particular prospective groups

Click the ‘see all’ option if you have already joined a group that you targeted. You can see the co-group members of this group.

You can have access to LinkedIn targeted group members though you are not yet a part of it the by the help of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and you can use the search filter of the group.

After sorting out the list, you can then manually deliver a message to each fellow member of your final target list. You can build an initial business relation and carry out your conversation spontaneously. But it will take a lot of time to run these continuous and lengthy procedures.

A lot of business prospects utilize LinkedIn groups for email marketing features that can facilitate yours.

Keep in mind that it will be a manual process of reaching out to only a few clients per day. It will ultimately slow your business, which means less business.

This slow and tedious process of reaching out to all potential clients might take days or even months together.

But an automated list-building program will let you start the campaign immediately. You will be able to build an email list of potential prospects quickly. This kind of list-building software copy-pastes the information to a spreadsheet besides, finds the missing link of email addresses and the phone number of ideal prospective. It also verifies the piece of information.

Moreover, if you want to search your target manually, you can fine-tune using these filters:

  1. Company headcount
  2. Function
  3. Seniority level
  4. Title &
  5. Geography

It can double your email response and improve a business lead.

2.How to Figure out the ‘Aliens’ and focus on them

‘Aliens’ are those who join a group to learn and share insights initially but, their main aim is to find new clients for their business. They mainly pitch their co-group members about their business products and services.

You have to conduct broad research in those groups in LinkedIn by scanning thoroughly to find out these aliens. Then segment your prospects into four main groups as bellow:

  1. a) Local Business groups
  2. b) Academic groups
  3. c) Industry related groups
  4. d) Peer, groups

Now select only those groups where your clients have joined areas only as your ultimate prospect.

Suppose several e-recruiters are joined in a networking group concerning Logistics and supply chain, then assume that they have joined the group to reach out to the other members who are available in the group.

Mark these aliens in these groups to prospect or connect to their target audience circle.

How to scrape the LinkedIn group to build a target list

Target entire or all of the faculty from the identified company, not only one person to get 5-10 higher-ranking executives using software like Lead Grabber Management-Finder Pro, Kimono Labs Chrome Widget, etc. These are account-based lead generation software. These kinds of software find and append executives’ names, email list, phone, job title, LinkedIn ID, etc.



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