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Xin Youzhi is on the hot search again. The content is somewhat familiar, and Xin Youzhi’s live broadcast room was once again banned by the Dongjiaoshou platform.

Don’t rush to spray. This time, Xin Youzhi is not because of a problem with the product, but Xin Youzhi once again complained on the Kuaishou platform for restricting his traffic during the live broadcast.

This is not the first time that Xin Youzhi is dissatisfied with Kuaishou, and it is also the third time that Xin Youzhi confronts the capital, but the effect is very small so far. The three battles ended in Xin Youzhi’s defeat.

Traffic has always been the focus of the dispute between Xin Youzhi and Kuaishou platform.

A few months ago, Xin Youzhi had a fierce battle with the Kuaishou platform over the traffic problem.

“91 million fans, the video was sent from 5 a.m. to 12 noon, a total of 7 hours, only 1.1 million views,” Xin Youzhi complained.

Xin Youzhi has a huge fan base, and audiences who know Xin Youzhi know that his live broadcast room is usually overcrowded, which also reflects the large number of Xin Youzhi’s “live fans”.

However, on this basis, the number of views of Xin Youzhi’s works is not proportional to the number of fans, which is why Xin Youzhi emphasizes that he has 91 million fans.

The posture of Xin Youzhi, who used to be Ping’s lover of the head anchor, is “high above” and has been in the “most conspicuous” position of the platform for a long time.

In addition to the fact that fans who pay attention to themselves can see their own information and dynamics, the platform will also push Xin Youzhi’s short videos and live broadcasts to non-fan audiences based on its “influence”.

However, Kuaishou has recently started its transformation, and has been advancing all the way to “public domain traffic.” Doing so will inevitably affect the interests of some top anchors.

Because of this, the game between Xin Youzhi and Kuaishou has always existed.

Xin Youzhi’s first attempt to confront Kuaishou was in April 2020.

At that time, Xin Youzhi was in a painful period. The donation of 150 million yuan to Wuhan made him famous. However, a few months later, Xin Youzhi made a statement that he would turn to behind-the-scenes work.

At that time, many people speculated that Xin Youzhi would take such measures because of contradictions and differences with Kuaishou. At that time, Kuaishou also focused on private domain traffic. Xin Youzhi’s influence on the platform was very important. Xin Youzhi’s suspension of broadcasting was a great loss for himself and for the platform.

But at the same time, netizens were surprised to find that several companies such as “Xinxuan Investment” and “Xinxuan Supply Chain” quietly completed registration. Not only that, Xin Youzhi also created his own live broadcast platform.

Obviously, Xin Youzhi wanted to break free from the shackles, and wanted to spread his wings and fly high.

In June of the same year, Xin Youzhi’s first comeback live show after the live broadcast was so overwhelming that he even played the banner of “Send BMW”. And Xin Youzhi chose his own live broadcast app as the replay platform.

The second collision occurred in June this year.

“Sold 300 million, I have 24 million left, I want to burn 25 million; I gave more than 10 million gifts. I have to pay 20 million for this live broadcast.” Xin Youzhi complained at the time.

At that time, Xin Youzhi made a public voice “complaint” on the Internet, and also received the support of some netizens and top anchors. But it didn’t last long, Xin Youzhi still returned to his old club live broadcast “obediently”.

The third collision occurred two months later. This time the platform did not sit back and banned Xin Youzhi’s account until September 8. Shi is also fate, Xin Youzhi’s “good luck is not the point.”

Had it not been for several waves, Xin Youzhi’s “road of confrontation” might have gone smoothly. On the eve of the thanksgiving concert held in October last year, Xin Youzhi and his party had some quarrel with the security guard, which directly caused the security guard to lose his job.

This move also made a lot of netizens feel angry, thinking that Xin Youzhi was “bullying people.”

This incident just ended, and it was hit hard again shortly thereafter. In November, the bird’s nest sold by Xin Youzhi’s live broadcast was exposed to adulteration, which was actually just sugar water.

A few days later, Xin Youzhi came forward to explain, admitting mistakes and punishing. But this matter has exceeded the scope of public opinion fermentation, and even several official media have come forward to name Xin Youzhi.

After several twists and turns, Xin Youzhi was a bit “depressed”.

According to Unshared News : The detailed calculations of time, it will only take one and a half years from the time of assisting Wuhan in 2020 to today. At that time, Xin Youzhi’s reputation had an “explosive” spread. Now, his live broadcast rooms have been frequently banned, and his products have been found to have quality problems several times.

Xin Youzhi, who was born in the countryside, has experienced the peak. Many rural friends regard him as an idol, and his followers Xin Youzhi have been along the way.

There are many things in Xin Youzhi’s body that are worth learning.

He adheres to his “popularization” route, and most of the products he sells are relatively cheap and affordable products. Compared with Li Jiaqi Weiya, who is equally famous with him, Xin Youzhi can always see a trace of “ordinary people” in his body. .

In May last year, during the time when Xin Youzhi was suspended, he was looking for sources of goods through major supply chains to reduce “middlemen earning the difference.”

Xin Youzhi has always adhered to the concept of independent supply-based delivery. Unlike Li Jiaqi and others who recommend other brands, Xin Youzhi has also taken a different way of bringing goods.

However, after the peak, Xin Youzhi has also been somewhat “lost” recently.

Perhaps it is a strong character, or perhaps a haughty spirit, Xin Youzhi is always a little unwilling.

His unwillingness to face the injustice he believed, he dared to confront and speak up.

Will such Xin Youzhi compromise with his old club’s management platform?

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