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One of India’s tourist states in Himachal Pradesh. The state has beautiful snow-capped mountains and is the main source of tourism. Tourists from all over the world come here to nurture their minds and souls and appreciate the beauty of nature in this magnificent, primitive, and peaceful place. “Hima” means snow and Himachal Pradesh, which means “on the lap of the Himalayas”. Sanskrit Snow, hence the name. For various adventure sports, use the state mountain range. One of the hiking activities here is quite impressive.

Some famous hiking spots in Himachal mountains have more than 200 clear trails, such as Hampita Pass, Daulandal (Triende glacier), Parvati Valley hiking, Baba Pass, Surrey Pass hiking, Beas Kund hiking, Chamba and Pin Parvati, Trekking to Lake Kakeri, etc. is considered the easiest and most convenient of all the Hampta Pass hikes. Maybe not the most exciting or popular hike, but it is definitely a hike that will make you feel in awe of this beautiful place. The changes to the walking trails are huge; This exciting Hampshire tour will take us through scenic landscapes, green open-air pastures and wetlands, glacial valleys, convenient transportation, and a unique, adventurous, and exciting spooky crossing.

Hampta Pass trek usually takes four days to complete, but a day will be added to the itinerary so that you can visit the famous and stunning mountain lake Chandrataal a few hours before Chatru. May, June, and August are the best months for hiking. The reason for the Hampita Pass is that the famous hiking area is snow, and a large amount of snow in summer attracts more tourists.

Manali is the nearest station. Therefore, the journey starts from Manali and passes through Jobra to Chika. The walk is done on foot from Chopra. The first day includes this route. You will arrive at Balu ka Ghera the next day. Today you will travel through incredible neighborhoods, the military police, and La Ninara. Shea Goru, passing Hampta Pass from Balu ka Ghera, is the destination for the third day. Along the way you will find dazzling glaciers, cornices and snowflakes. On this day, the highest altitude will reach 14,100 feet. On the fourth day, Shea Goru started and ended in Chateauroux. On this day, it is a steady decline. You will see the Lahaul and Spiti valleys.

You will see the Lahaul and Spiti valleys, as well as the Pir Panjal and Spiti mountains. You can also go to Chandra Campsite on the same day and camp there overnight. From Chandra to Manali is the last day of the hike. From Chandratar Camp, you can visit the famous Chandra Lake, which is the deepest of the blue shades.

You should bring the necessary hiking equipment, such as knee support shoes and trekking poles, to facilitate climbing in the snow.

 Who can go?

  • You can apply for the first time, you should be interested in climbing and hiking.
  • Climbers must be healthy and stable enough to complete a distance of 5 kilometers in 30 minutes without stress. 4,444 climbers must carry a 1015 kg backpack.
  • This mission cannot be reconciled with heart problems, high blood pressure, asthma, and epilepsy. Climbers must not meet the above conditions.

From Manali to Jobra, the trekking expedition began. At an altitude of 700 feet above sea level, Manali is already 6 feet. So this is a good place to warm up your body before you start walking. The journey of Chobra takes two hours and forty hairpins. Chobra is 9,800 feet above sea level. The height on the first day is 10,100 feet, and the walk takes two to three hours.

The trek starts at the intersection of Alllain Guhugal Hydel. After crossing the main road, take the path leading to the pine forest. Other trees were also found, such as maples, cedars, throwing trees, and oaks. The scenery is great. The way to go is straight, not very steep. You will arrive in 20 minutes on foot, overlooking a lush green desert covered by small rocks. Take a few minutes to travel to the surroundings and then to the meadows. The Naralani River flows directly into the desert. You will also see some cattle and sheep in the fields. The sight seems to have been taken

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