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How to Get a List of High CPC Google AdSense Keywords in 2022

High CPC Keywords List: Making money online can be difficult, especially when it comes to monetizing your site with Google Ads. High traffic on the website and traffic to connect with the advertising displayed on your blog or website are required for significant Adsense earnings. We’ll show you how to boost your AdSense profits in this article.

AdSense is, without a doubt, one of the greatest and quickest ways to generate money online through adverts. The nicest part about AdSense is that you don’t need any special talents or a college diploma to participate.

All you have to do now is find the proper Blog Niche for your blog and write decent content around it to start making money.

How can I raise my High CPC AdSense keyword and earn more money?

For this, AdSense optimization is the only and best option. When it comes to Adsense optimization, there are numerous aspects to consider, but the main goal is to increase CPM and CPC. Otherwise, even if your AdSense CTR is high, you could not be making any money.

What is the Adsense Cost Per Click (CPC)?

CPC stands for cost per click, and it simply means that you make money when you make/click. Many factors influence your cost per click, including your maximum bid and Quality Score. You can make a lot of money by using keywords with a high CPC. For instance, if you select a keyword with a CPC rate of approximately $3 and you get 40 clicks daily then at the end of the day and the month estimate will be like

Daily Income: $2 x 40= $80
Monthly Income: $80 x 30= $2400

Google AdSense’s Top 10 Highest Paying CPC Keywords

Google’s advertising revenue accounts for over 90% of its total revenue. Google makes billions of dollars every year from advertisements ranging from fitness to entertainment to real estate.

If you’re interested in learning about the most expensive Google AdSense keywords with high CPC (Cost Per Click) and global monthly searches, keep reading.

We’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 High CPC Keywords.

  1. Insurance – $50 per CPC with over 24% of the total Google searches
  2. Loans – $45 per CPC with over 13% of the total Google searches
  3. Mortgage – $47 per CPC with over 9% of the total Google searches
  4. Attorney – $47 per CPC with over 3.5% of the total Google searches
  5. Credit (over $36 per CPC) with over 3.2% of the total Google searches
  6. Lawyer (over $42 per CPC) with over 3% of the total Google searches
  7. Donate (over $42 per CPC) with over 2.5% of the total Google searches
  8. Degree (over $40 per CPC) with over 2.2% of the total Google searches
  9. Hosting (over $32 per CPC) with over 2% of the total Google searches
  10. Claim ((over $45 per CPC)) with over 1.4% of the total Google searches

How to Find Keywords With a High CPC (Highest Paying CPC Keywords)

Keyword research tools such as SEMrush, Ubbersuggest, Long Tail Pro, and Google Keyword Planner can help you find a list of high CPC keywords.

Finding High-Paying AdSense Keywords with SEMrush (High CPC Keywords)

Let’s look at a real-world example of how to utilise SEMrush to locate and evaluate high-paying AdSense keywords on other websites.

Semrush is a comprehensive keyword research tool and programme available online.

SEMrush is the greatest tool for ranking your blog/website on Google for keywords with high traffic and low CPC.

To Find Profitable High CPC Keywords, Use SpyFu

SpyFu is the finest option to SEMrush, Ahrefs, and other keyword research tools because it costs only $33 per month if you sign up for their annual subscription.

The following is a list of high-cost-per-click (CPC) keywords in India.

  1. World Trade Center Footage ($95.02)
  2. Webex Costs ($92.38)
  3. Virtual Data Rooms ($83.18)
  4. Structures Annuity Settlement ($100.8)
  5. Sell Annuity Payment ($107.46)
  6. Royalty-Free Images Stock ($92.76)
  7. Register Free Domains ($92.03)
  8. Psychic for Free ($94.61)
  9. D. in Counseling Education ($92.99)
  10. Personal Injury Lawyers ($66.53)
  11. Personal Injury Law Firm ($60.56)
  12. PaperPort Promotional Code ($95.13)
  13. Online Stock Trading ($35)
  14. Online Motor Insurance Quotes ($95.73)
  15. Donate your Car for Money ($94.01)
  16. Online Colleges ($95.65)
  17. Neuson ($92.89)
  18. Online Classes ($95.06)
  19. Nunavut Culture ($99.52)
  20. Online College Course ($78)
  21. Motor Replacements ($98.43)
  22. Motor Insurance Quotes ($68.61)
  23. Mortgage Adviser ($91.29)
  24. Met Auto ($93.70)
  25. Mesothelioma Law Firm ($179)
  26. Massage School Dallas Texas ($94.90)
  27. Low Credit Line Credit Cards ($94.49)
  28. Life Insurance Co Lincoln ($97.07)
  29. Insurance Companies ($52)
  30. Injury Lawyers ($60.79)
  31. How to Donate A Car in California ($111.21)
  32. Home Phone Internet Bundle ($93.32)
  33. Holland Michigan College ($95.74)
  34. Health Records, Personal Health Record ($40)
  35. Hard drive Data Recovery Services ($98.59)
  36. Donate Old Cars to Charity ($94.55)
  37. Forex Trading Platform ($20)
  38. Forensics Online Course ($93.51)
  39. Email Bulk Service ($92.55)
  40. Donating Used Cars to Charity ($93.17)
  41. Donating a Car in Maryland ($98.20)
  42. Donate Your Car Sacramento ($118.20)
  43. Online Criminal Justice Degree ($60.4)
  44. Donate Your Car for Kids ($106)
  45. Futuristic Architecture ($91.44)
  46. Donate Cars in MA ($125)
  47. Data Recovery Raid ($73.22)
  48. Donate Car to Charity California ($130)
  49. Donate Car for Tax Credit ($126.6)
  50. Car Insurance Quotes PA ($92.88)

Take advantage of SEMRUSH’s 14-day free trial!

In addition, I made this video lesson to show you how to use SEMRUSH to locate extremely successful AdSense keywords:

If you utilise any additional techniques to uncover valuable long tail keywords, please let me know.

Finally, I hope that these high CPC AdSense Keywords can help you enhance your AdSense earnings.

Use these Indian High CPC Keywords on your blog.

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