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Trends and outlooks about body and health keep changing with the times. Influencers play an important role today in helping people view society in a certain way. In the past, women were looked at as objects of beauty and high expectations were set regarding their body shape. They were expected to look a certain way to be accepted as womanly and beautiful. This causes a lot of trouble for women who do not fall into the perfect standards set by the society. This is when the body positivity culture began taking roots. There was a general opinion that we need to accept our body as it is with its flaws and be happy about it. This culture too eventually developed to highlight the perfect bodied individuals and side-line the rest. As a result, the need for body neutrality arose.

So, what is the Difference Between Body Positivity and Body Neutrality?

A body positive person accepts and appreciates the body for what it is. Body positivity implies that you do not expect the body to be fair or slim or in a particular shape. You appreciate the beauty of your body as it is. While this may sound very positive as the need of the hour, there are some flaws in this theory. These flaws should not be overlooked. They have been the reason why the whole theory of body neutrality arose.

Body neutrality is about accepting the body for what it is and what it can do for you. For instance, if you are overweight then you accept that fact. You understand that you are good as you are but also understand that there are health risks in being overweight.

Why Is It Important to Be Body Neutral?

The flaws we mentioned about being body positive need to be understood. When people accept themselves just as they are and assume themselves to be the best that way, there is no scope for improvement. This is not good. There maybe individuals who are obese because of genetics and can do nothing about it. Their being body positive is understandable. However, there are also individuals who have put on the extra pounds as a result of negligence. They can easily revive their health and body shape with a little effort. If they misuse the body positivity theory to define their laziness, they may end up ruining their health.

Another major flaw in the body positivity theory was that it failed the true purpose for which it started. The individuals flaunting their body positivity philosophy were again marketing the same perfectly chiselled bodies and harming the confidence of others.

Any extreme has its hazards. It is clear we all need to be body neutral rather than body positive. We need to accept our bodies with its strengths, weaknesses and true potential. We must be willing to work on our bodies to improve them through different means. We need to realise that we are on a journey and need to work to improve our body and health each day.

How to Cultivate a Body Neutral Attitude?

You have read and understood the difference between body positivity and body neutrality. It is evident that being body neutral is the need of the hour. You should accept the bright and dark side of your body to be able to live happily. People who fail to do this have a miserable life because they lack love for themselves. Most people think it is impossible to create a new attitude later in life. It is not as difficult as you think. Here we have shared how you can work to develop a body neutral attitude that only benefits you at any walk of life. Check it out!

Look at Your Health in A Broader Perspective

When we speak of women’s health, the first thing that comes to our mind is their body shape. The next thing we ponder on is the skin colour. Many novels have described people as being in the pink of health. White and pink have often been associated with good health. You need to understand this is not the real definition of health. You need to understand your body type before deciding that you are overweight. Some people have greater bone density and they tend to look broader even when not really fat. You must evaluate whether this is the case before running to conclusions.

If you plan to reduce your weight, don’t directly cut down on the food intake. Instead, consume nutritious diets that provide the energy you need without adding to your bulk. You should not associate health with the colour of your skin or the shape of your body. Evaluate how you feel. There couldn’t be a better way to assess good health.

Understand the True Meaning of Beauty

Beauty is not simply about looks. Beauty is decided by a number of factors including good health. Rather than falling for other comments on looks, assess your qualities and understand where your true beauty lies. You should not let others decide your worth. This is another reason why it is important to be body neutral.

Work Towards Betterment

Being body neutral also implies that you accept the flaws. You try to find ways to correct these flaws and work towards betterment. While body positivity may sound like getting complacent with what you are, body neutrality suggests constant improvement.

  • You can meditate and relax your mind to improve the brain functioning.
  • You can sleep well to avoid dark circles.
  • You may drink a lot of water to ensure lustrous skin.
  • Exercise on a regular basis. It will help to eliminate stress. It will also keep your body weight in check.
  • Eat healthy home cooked foods and eliminate junk from your diet. Processed foods damage the system and affect our immunity. Plant and animal-based foods that are fresh and healthy work wonders to improve women’s health.

Now that you understand the true intent of body neutrality, let more people know you are body neutral. Share your views openly with fr

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