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Writing on evaluation of a book is the most daunting task. It tests your skills and abilities to extract critical information. Basically, by evaluating a book, you discuss its strengths and weaknesses. Many people read books and want to write a review about those books. It does not matter whether your experience with the book is good or bad. The only thing that matters is transferring your book evaluation to others. Many people fail to achieve this as they do not know how to start this evaluation. They do not have the right set of guidelines required to evaluate a book effectively. Today’s article is all about this, and it will describe all the necessary guidelines. Before moving on further, let’s see what evaluation of a book means.

What is book evaluation?

The book evaluation is a kind of literary criticism. The evaluator describes the book based on its content, style and merit. The book evaluation can be a summary review or a scholarly review of the book. There will be opinions of the reviewers too. So, you should be better prepared for those views and opinions.

A successful book review is not just about what you think about the book. It is about providing a summary of the book, background information about the author, and evaluating the content. You can even hire coursework writing services to get it done successfully.

How do you do a book evaluation?

After knowing about what evaluation of a book is, let’s see how you can do a book evaluation. The book evaluation is not as easy as it seems. It requires a lot of analytical skills to review a book. Below are some guidelines that you should work on to do an excellent book review. So, let’s have a look at those points one by one.

Start with a description of the book.

The first thing is that you should start writing on evaluating a book by describing it. It includes general information about the book and its author. The description also means providing a summary of the book. One mistake that reviewers often make is that they start juggling around the ideas. They do not know where to start writing the description of the book. It can happen in two situations. One is when you have understood all the book contents. You are so excited about writing a review that you do not know from where to start. The other is that you know nothing about the topic, still. Anyway, you have to start with a description of the book.

Discuss what you liked about the book

Next up is to discuss what you particularly liked about the book. A little brainstorming and activation of the thought process can give you an answer to this. Focus your thoughts on the book’s story and then try to evaluate the book. You can ask yourself the following questions to assist your thought process.

  • Who is your favourite character in the book, and why?
  • What part of the story fascinated you a lot when you were reading?
  • What emotions did the book insert in you while reading? Were you feeling happy or sad?

By answering these questions, you will know about your likings in the book. It will help you in writing on evaluation of a book.

Mention things you disliked about the book

There is not a single book that can please all humans equally. Every book has some negative things in it. It is important to mention those things when writing a book evaluation. It will look like a very biased evaluation if you only talk about the positive things. Hence, try to mention things that you disliked about the book. It could be the cover page or title of the book and sometimes the writing style.

What are the four stages in writing a book review?

Writing on the evaluation of a book becomes easy when divided into parts. It is exactly what we are going to describe in the next section. The four stages in writing a book review have made the book review a very easy task. The evaluator now evaluates the book based on those four points. Below is a brief description of the four stages involved in a book review;

Introducing the book

The first stage is introducing the book. In this stage, you state the general information about the book available. It includes the names of the book and the author. The summary of the book should also be there. Remember, you do not need to be specific in this evaluation phase of a book. Just introduce the crux of the book with a summary of each chapter.

Outlining the book contents

The second stage involves outlining the content of the book. The evaluator outlines all the content and major chapters of the book in a sequence. This outline of the contents helps the reviewers in the next evaluation phase. Outlining the content also helps in sequentially arranging the ideas. The flow of the thoughts gets better with this.

Highlighting parts of the book

Surely, not everything in the book is worth mentioning in the evaluation. Some parts of a book may be influential and need to be discussed. You should highlight those parts by selecting particular chapters from the book. You can also highlight themes and ideas that are potential attractors.

I am writing a detailed evaluation.

After passing through all the stages mentioned above, it is time to write the actual evaluation. When you have got the outline of the contents and the chapters’ main themes, it becomes easy to write the evaluation of a book. You have everything you need, so go and write the detailed evaluation.


Detailed evaluation of a book results in the newer editions of a book. The writers, after reading the evaluations, decide to purify it further. The guidelines mentioned above can greatly assist in writing an excellent book review. You can look for some other points on the internet too.

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