In a Google search engine marketing office-hours, John Mueller solutions if it’s okay for publishers to repeat their very own content material and publish it, basically copying elements of their very own content material with a view to create comparable however totally different content material. John Mueller mentioned that it’s okay as much as the purpose the place it’s now not okay after which supplied a proof of the place that time is.


The individual asking the query framed it as a writer “plagiarizing” themselves. However that’s a misuse of the phrase plagiarize as a result of the definition of plagiarism is taking content material from another person after which misrepresenting it as ones personal.

Clearly, one can’t plagiarizing oneself simply as one can’t steal from oneself.

What the individual asking the query actually means is copying their very own content material.

That is the query requested:

“Is Google okay with publishers plagiarizing their very own content material?

For instance, I wrote an affiliate article suggesting one thing for mother. Can I copy the content material of that article to write down extra articles for perhaps a sister or a spouse or an aunt or a grandmother?”

Reusing Content material

Mueller famous the misuse of the phrase plagiarize and spoke about that.

Mueller answered:

“So… I don’t know like what the complete definition of plagiarizing is. Nevertheless it looks as if for those who’re reusing your individual content material that’s not likely plagiarizing, nicely not less than the best way that I perceive it.

From Google’s perspective, for those who’re taking content material from your individual web site and publishing that once more with some parts of the web page modified, that’s basically as much as you.”

Content material Ought to Give attention to Worth

A variety of occasions we are able to consider content material when it comes to how Google would possibly reply. However Google’s response is mostly based mostly on how a lot worth that web page is offering to the positioning guests.

Mueller continued his reply:

“And it’s one thing the place my assumption is in lots of instances you’re not offering a whole lot of worth by simply copying the present article and altering a number of the phrases on it.

So my feeling is, from a strategic perspective, most likely you’d be higher suited writing one thing distinctive and compelling for these matters or to create one article that covers sort of these totally different variations.

In order that’s one thing sort of like from a strategic perspective that I might suggest.

However purely from a coverage perspective, I don’t suppose there’s something particularly in the best way of you taking particular person articles after which making …a handful of copies of that.

In order that’s one thing the place like from …purely a sensible perspective, that’s sort of as much as you.

However my suggestion’s actually sort of make fewer articles which might be truly actually good.”

Doorway Pages

What the individual asking the query is considerably alluding to is a variation of doorway pages.

An old-school method for websites was to create pages of content material focusing on all fifty states in america and for every state create internet pages comparable to the highest twenty or so cities by inhabitants.

The pages would basically be the identical, solely the names of the states and the cities have been totally different.

Google calls these doorway pages and that’s one thing that might result in a guide penalty.

That is what Google’s official documentation of doorway pages warns:

“Doorways are websites or pages created to rank for particular, comparable search queries. They’re unhealthy for customers as a result of they will result in a number of comparable pages in consumer search outcomes, the place every end result finally ends up taking the consumer to basically the identical vacation spot.

They will additionally lead customers to intermediate pages that aren’t as helpful as the ultimate vacation spot.”

Mueller cautioned towards unintentionally creating doorway pages:

“The one excessive case right here that may pop up for those who’re like actually intensely copying your individual content material is that you find yourself creating doorway pages.

And that’s basically taking one piece of content material and creating heaps and plenty of variations simply with totally different phrases in it and that’s one thing that may be towards our webmaster pointers.

In order that’s one thing I might be careful for and in addition that’s one thing the place you’re making a ton of decrease high quality …I might nearly say junk pages in your web site which is actually identical to fluff that doesn’t present any distinctive worth general.

And as a substitute of sort of diluting the content material of your web site like that I might suggest specializing in making the first content material of your web site loads stronger as a substitute.

In order that’s sort of my suggestion there.

So for those who’re asking, is Google okay with it, nicely it’s like you are able to do no matter you need in your web site however that doesn’t imply that Google goes to worth it.”

Give attention to Content material Not Shortcuts

The large takeaway right here is that content material is a very powerful asset of an internet site. The content material can contribute as to if a enterprise is profitable or not.

Seeing how essential content material is then it is sensible that content material is the one factor to not skimp on or take shortcuts with.


Watch John Mueller reply the query within the 7:34 minute mark:


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