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Keith Richards and the Skull Ring

Keith Richards has worn a ring on his index finger for nearly 40 years that is undoubtedly the most enigmatic and cult-like piece of Rock ‘n’ Roll jewelry. Whether it’s for a performance or a picture shoot, the rocker never leaves home without this ring; it’s a constant friend for him in both professional and personal life.

Many rock and roll and outlandish fashion enthusiasts have been inspired by the infamous Skull Ring. Even Johnny Depp, a friend of the musician, has a copy of it. What is the origin of this famous piece of jewelry?

The Skull Ring’s Origins and Evolution

After working with David Courts and Bill Hackert on a silver sculpture depicting a human skull in miniature in 1979, Keith Richards decided to wear a skull-shaped ring on his finger. They created an exact copy after studying a real skull as a model. While making the skull, the jewelers had the notion to make an identical ring. As a result, they came up with the idea of making a unique silver skull ring.

A close friend of Keith Richards, the jewelers were a family business. The jewelers knew right away that the silver ring would make a superb present for a musician’s birthday party when they received an invitation.

Keith Richards had his 36th birthday on December 18th, 1979. The musician expressed his gratitude to David Courts and Bill Hackett for their generous gift. He wore the silver ring on the skull at the party instantly, and it was impossible to envisage his look without it after that.

Skull rings are popular among celebrities other than Keith Richards. To learn more about other celebrities who wear skull jewelry, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 8 Skull Jewelry Wearers.

Ring symbolism for Keith Richards is a powerful one.

Another significant occurrence in the musician’s life occurred at this New York party in 1979. There, Keith met the woman who would become his wife. Model Patty Hanson, who was twenty-two years old at the time, was known for her striking blonde hair, lovely eyes, and dazzling smile.

On December 18, 1983, exactly four years after their first date, they exchanged vows. After 35 years of marriage, they have two daughters and are still in love.

Perhaps the ring played a role in this joy. Skull jewelry has long been used by bikers as a form of protection against harm and adversity. Musicians, unlike steel riders, do not put their lives in danger every day, but they nonetheless face many of the same temptations and adventures. There are many individuals who doubt that Keith Richards would have made it to 40. Despite this, the rocker is still going strong at the age of 70.

The skull ring has taken on a life of its own for the musician. A person’s inner beauty is more important than his or her physical look, according to the renowned rocker. Those are the words of Keith Richards, who himself is a fan:

“Bravado and showboating have nothing to do with the skull. The depth of beauty cannot be overstated. Brother, this is how we all appear beneath the surface of our skin. You see the me and I when you remove the hair and skin.”

For an even more strange reason, jewelers chose to produce it all at once. The original ring is crafted entirely of.925 sterling silver and has a vintage feel to it. The date, materials used, and country of production are all included, as is a genuine quality assurance stamp from the courts and Hackett.

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