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Nepal : The Ultimate Tourist Place

Tourism is of great importance for the economic development of Nepal. Tourism is becoming a major industry in the world. A large part of the production or import of goods or social services in different countries is spent in the field of tourism or tourism also provides employment to millions of people.

It also makes a big difference in the living standards of the people. Thus, tourism is taking the form of a big industry in the world and tourism in Nepal is gradually developing in the same way. In the developed countries of the world, people usually spend some time of the year in tourism and in that connection, a large number of foreign tourists also come to Nepal.

But our country has not developed tourism in that way. In that case, on the one hand, maximum efforts should be made to increase the arrival and stay of foreign tourists in Nepal and also to develop and manage domestic tourism in a planned manner. When considering the development of tourism in the country, we need to pay attention to one thing at the outset. In today’s age, along with development, it is becoming capitalist.

Wherever  there is development, capitalism comes to the fore. This means that the bourgeoisie dominates the field of development, they take away most of the income from it and a large part of the people are deprived of the income from it.

The same is true of tourism. Along with the development of tourism, there should be a fair distribution of income and the general public should also benefit from it. That too needs to be addressed.

Till now, while developing tourism in Nepal, some high mountain peaks, places of religious or historical importance or places of natural importance have been given importance. But we also need to focus on another aspect of tourism development.

That is – rural tourism. Attempts to develop this aspect will add a new dimension to the development of tourism. In other words, it will bring a qualitative leap in the development of tourism. In this regard, it will help a lot in the development of the backward areas of the country and will also directly benefit the people.

The Tourism Strategic Plan (2016-2025) presented by the government has emphasized on the traditional aspects related to tourism. No concrete plan has been made for the development of rural tourism. At the global level, people’s interest in rural tourism is also increasing and it is taking an important place. When considering tourism, generally less attention is paid to the aspect of rural tourism. In such a background, efforts will be made to shed more light on this neglected aspect of tourism, the aspect of rural tourism.

In fact, the future of rural tourism is very bright. He believes that every village in Nepal can be a tourist destination. Nepal is a country of villages.


Each village has its own unique natural, cultural, and historical features. They can all be tourism topics. A lot of tourism can be developed by organizing or developing them.

The tourism side is usually the external side. Tourists are people who come from within or outside the country. But there is another side to it. That is – rural development. Rural tourism and rural development are closely linked. On the one hand, rural tourism cannot develop without rural development.

On the other hand, tourism contributes to rural development. By connecting with tourism in such a way, the vast potential of village development will increase. This also means that rural tourism will be developed in Nepal as well as villages will be developed. In that case, the capital of Nepal, development concentrated in some major cities will expand to villages.

Thus, rural tourism will not only add a new dimension to tourism and bring a qualitative leap in it, it will also add a new dimension and bring a qualitative leap in the overall development of Nepal. In this way, tourism in general, especially rural tourism, will provide a strong basis to take the backward country to the advanced country and also to raise the economic level of the people.


The issue of rural tourism has been mentioned in the 10-year strategic plan prepared by the government. However, this strategic plan has not been implemented. The objective of the government is to implement it from the Fiscal Year 2073-74.

The plan to create tourism development zones by merging the backward areas of the country will help in that direction. However, rural tourism has been neglected. The budget has not paid much attention to that. However, efforts are being made in that direction at the grassroots level. Siruwari, Ghandruk, Ghale village, Bandipur etc. are some notable examples in that direction.

Apart from that, what are the special issues that attract tourists in a village? That aspect needs to be studied and developed. Their culture in the villages of different tribes may be of interest or study to the public. In the same way, a village can have many topics of historical or archeological importance. Their study, research or excavation can lead to knowledge of many important historical or archeological topics. In fact, every village in Nepal has such different possibilities.

If we try to develop these possibilities properly, along with the development of tourism, many possibilities of development of each village can come to the fore. In other words, with a little effort and in a short time, there can be thousands of Siruwari, Ghandurak and Ghalegaon villages in Nepal. That will lead to the expected progress in the development of tourism in Nepal.


Our neighbor and ally Nepal is a very strong republic in terms of security. There, everything from the mango to the special section should be done sitting in the system. Whatever. Considering Nepal’s security system, the system has been changing from time to time. Due to lack of complete information about whose rules and regulations, the Indian people are stuck in a couple of paperwork. At the same time, some have been subjected to strict action by the Nepal administration and some have been subjected to police action. So if you are going to Nepal for roaming purposes then this news may be useful for you.

These places in Nepal are crowded with tourists

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Nepal, Butwal, the famous Siddhababa Temple in Janakpur, Fewatal in Pokhara, Gufa, Pashupatinath Temple in Kathmandu, Muktinath, Manokamana and other tourist attractions attract tourists. This place in Nepal is a great destination for tourists.


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