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When a woman becomes pregnant, her prime concern centers around the developing baby inside her uterus. She becomes worried about her pregnancy from time to time, whether there is any reason for being so or not. The thought of the loss of pregnancy or miscarriage takes away her night’s sleep if she observes any of the symptoms of miscarriage.

Symptoms of Miscarriage

The Characteristics of Vaginal Bleeding as the Most Common Symptoms of Miscarriage

Bleeding from the vagina of the pregnant is the most common among the symptoms of miscarriage. This vaginal bleeding as the symptom of miscarriage can be of various types and the color of the blood can be different. The color can be light, brownish, or bright red. The vaginal bleeding can be light spotting and brownish discharge to heavy bleeding and bright red blood or thick masses of coagulated blood that can happen with the irregular interval for several days.

Light Bleeding during the First Trimester is Not a Symptom of Miscarriage

If you see light bleeding coming out of your vagina during the first trimester, meaning during the first three months of your pregnancy, you have nothing to worry about. Because this type of bleeding can naturally happen in early pregnancy, it is relatively common among pregnant women. That means that you have no need to take this as one of the symptoms of miscarriage.

Other Symptoms of Miscarriage

Apart from vaginal bleeding of various types, there are other symptoms of miscarriage. Painful involuntary contraction of muscles, typically caused by fatigue or strain, is among the other symptoms of miscarriage that is called cramping. Pain in the lower portions of the stomach or abdomen of the pregnant, fluid discharge from the vagina, tissue discharge from the vagina can be some other symptoms of miscarriage. If you no longer experience the symptoms of pregnancy in your body like feeling sick, and/or tenderness in your breasts, then you may consider them as possible other symptoms of miscarriage. The same symptoms happen while mamma surrogata, surrogate mothers face miscarriage issues.

Symptoms of Miscarriage Caused by Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic means in an abnormal place or position. In an ectopic pregnancy, pregnancy develops outside the womb. And for this very reason, miscarriage happens. Fortunately, the good news for you is that these kinds of pregnancies and miscarriages are rare occasions. If you develop ectopic pregnancy, you have no option of taking the matter lightly. In this situation, you are at risk of internal bleeding that is potentially a serious condition. There are some symptoms of ectopic pregnancy that are also some symptoms of miscarriage and that you should know well so that you can identify them for the safety of you and your coming baby. If you feel persistent and severe tummy pain, usually on one side, then you may take it as a symptom. In case, right after your feeling of the pain starts, if you go through bleeding from your vagina or spotting from your vagina, you should take it also as a symptom of ectopic pregnancy that is a symptom of miscarriage. If you feel pain in the tips of your shoulders, very faint or lightheaded, or if you suffer from diarrhea and vomiting, you may guess them as possible symptoms of ectopic pregnancy that should be treated as the probable symptoms of miscarriage. Usually, if you are passing time in between your fifth week to the fourteenth week, symptoms of ectopic pregnancy will appear if you have an ectopic pregnancy in you.

If you experience any of the symptoms of miscarriage stated above, immediately visit the nearest emergency department. None should neglect the symptoms of miscarriage, since a miscarriage causes miserable damage to the health of the pregnant, taking away a potential and valuable life that is the loveliest dream of would-be parents.

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