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Surrogacy is a blessing for the intended parents, and sometimes also so for some surrogate mothers. Especially, the altruistic surrogate mothers believe in altruism who have the knowledge of all the medical risks, physical and emotional hardship along with the pregnancy, giving birth, and handing over the baby, and whose philosophy towards surrogacy is fulfilling the dream of others to have a baby. On the other hand, for some other surrogates, surrogacy is exploitative when they feel that they are disadvantaged women acting like breeders renting their womb for a period of time to give birth to babies for the overall superior intended parents.

The Exploitation or Blessing of Surrogacy

Lingering Legal Reforms of Surrogacy Laws as a Major Cause of Exploitation

To bring a better solution to whether to take surrogacy as exploitation or blessing, the proposals of changes have been continuing all over the world in the surrogacy laws like the proposal of a new preconception agreement, the proposal of the new types and level of payments for the surrogate mothers. Legal reforms to surrogacy laws both in the US surrogacy and in international surrogacy have become one of the major and urgent ways of solution to end the exploitation in surrogacy and promotion of surrogacy as a blessing to the honorable surrogate mothers without whom the word surrogacy will no longer exist in the dictionary for the next generation to learn.

Exploitative Issues beyond the Scene

Though legal reforms for surrogacy laws can play a vital role in reducing exploitation in surrogacy, there are many other things that are beyond the legal or formal discussion and specific agreements. Inherent imbalance of status and power between the surrogates and the intended parents is such a reason that the intended parents do not possess the mood or mentality to remain fair to the surrogates.

By the law of nature, the surrogate mothers have to take all the risks of pregnancy and birth of surrogacy journeys that throw them in the need of antenatal, intrapartum, and postnatal care when many of them become the victim of serious human rights violations. The intended parents and related others need to focus and reflect upon the human values while interacting with the surrogate mothers so that they can also accept surrogacy as a blessing that the intended parents easily can. You are requested to visit maternitĂ  surrogata to learn more about surrogacy parenthood.

Status Difference between Surrogates and Intended Parents as Reason for Exploitation

There are social and economic differences between the surrogate mothers and the intended parents that make the surrogate mother susceptible to physical, psychological, mental, and emotional attack or harm and exploitation. It has evidently been seen that most of the intended parents are wealthier, higher educated, employed in higher positions of jobs or businesses, living in the higher facilitated areas, belong to a higher status in the society, and superior in most of the other necessary and major aspects than most of the surrogate mothers who are economically less solvent, less powerful, less educated, living comparatively in less facilitated areas, belong to lower status in the society, inferior in most of the other necessary and major aspects than most of the intended parents that compel the guilty conscience of all related to surrogacy to think about the debate about surrogacy as exploitation or blessing.

There are enough stories of the intended parents available everywhere about their joyous experiences of entering from the miserable life of infertility into the lives full of the laughter of babies that were only possible by the untold sacrifices of the surrogate mothers who came forward unselfishly to help those wealthy intended parents understanding the dreams of the intended parents to have babies of their own. But there are not enough such stories available of the surrogate mothers that should be asked to them to tell the world.

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