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Being a celebrity kid probably feels awesome and sometimes annoying. Some of the celebrity children are on social media right now. Some celebrity kids have made routine comes over the years. And some of the kids look more and more like their celebrity parents with each passing appearance. However, here we discuss some of the well-known celebrity children, who are making headlines today.

Luna Stephens:

Luna Stephens is well known as a celebrity family member. Her estimated net worth is around $1 million to 5 million dollars from her primary career as a family member. She is just six years old girl. Luna is the firstborn child of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. John Legend is a musician and his wife Chrissy Teigen is a famous model and a TV actress.

Praise Mary Ella Simmons:

The famous rapper as DMX Earl Simmons’ daughter is praise mary ella simmons. Her mother is Tashera Simmons. She is an ordinary girl. Praise Ella Simmons is just concentrated on her study. She has no career yet. Her estimated net worth is around $100K just for her parents. Praise is most famous for her father Earl Simmons, who was unfortunately died in 2021.    

Matilda Ledger:

Matilda ledger is most famous for being the daughter of late Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams. Unfortunately, her father Heath Ledger was died at the age of 28 because of a drug overdose. Her mother Michelle Williams is an award-nominated actress.

Ryder Hudson Robinson:

Ryder Hudson Robinson has a good personality. People have been interested to know about him. He is an American public figure. Ryder Hudson Robinson is famous for being the son of the famous Hollywood actress Kate Hudson.

Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel:

The supermodel, Heidi Kulm gave birth to her son johan riley fyodor taiwo samuel. His father, Seal is a British singer. Johan Riley is from California. He has two siblings with a great family. They enjoy a happy family together. Johan Riley has an interest in media and martial art and even learning coaching classes in his school.

Isabella Cruise:

Isabella cruise is an adopted daughter of Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. Her full name is Isabella Jane Cruise. She is famous for working in the entertainment industry as a hair and makeup artist. Even she worked as a makeup artist of individuals films as well. When she is just a nine-year-old girl, her parents were separated. Now she is lives happily with her mother.

Jaden Smith:

Jaden Smith made a headline through her career level. He is an American actor. Jaden Smith is also well known for being a famous rapper, and also well known for his father Will Smith who is a famous actor. Jaden has an interest in movies during his childhood. He performed in some of his movies like “ The Day The Earth Stood Still”. Even he worked with a Korean designer to sell designer clothes.

Bodhi Ransom Green:

Bodhi Ransom Green is getting well known for being the son of famous actor and actress Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox. He is just 8 years old boy. Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox have two sons. Noah Shanon Green is elder than bodhi ransom green. Bodhi Ransom made a headline for his looks. As he looks like a mini version of his mother.

Ava Phillippe:

Ava Phillippe is a beautiful girl. She just looks at her famous mother Reese Witherspoon. Ava Phillippe made a pretty headline to change her hairstyle. She looks like Arean Grande. Ava is just 19 years old. She debuted on social media for a major change to her hair. Her hair made up a brand’s new highlights and all-over color.



So, through the article, you all get to know about those celebrity kids, who were making the headlines with their ability and capability. In the industry, those celebrity kids are getting well known through their parent’s specialty.

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