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In the old days, you might just attach wheels of a roller skate to a board and you had yourself a new skateboard (possibly not brand new, but homemade, which was just as great as a new one, I guess I’ll ask my nana!). Any who, nowadays, it’s a different ballgame. Since we could do anything we wanted, why not boost up skateboard decks?

I will be honest with you. For me, it was a mess. It still is if you ask me. There are simply too many kinds of skateboards. I mean why couldn’t there be on board that did it all? Why do I need various skateboards for downhill and also carving? Nonetheless, until that’s done, below are the types of skateboards that you require to learn about.

In wide terms, there are 3 types of skateboards:

  1. a) Skateboard
  2. b) Longboard
  3. c) Cruiser board



Longboards can be found in numerous shapes and for anything you need. Here are a few:

  1. a) Pintail

Pintail is inspired by surfboards whereby I am implying it resembles a surf-board and also has a unique traveling feel that even that beginner’s love and pros can’t shake.

It has a flat surface which uses secure foot positioning; together with tiny wheels make it great for doglegs as well as carving.

  1. b) Drop-through deck

A drop through longobard has intermediaries on the nose and also tail that enables the trucks to be placed in addition to the board.

  1. c) Drop-down deck.

Drop down is similar to drop-through deck in a manner that it also has cutouts on the nose and tail, nonetheless, it has an unique form, wherein you will certainly be standing closer to the ground than the mount points for trucks which is pretty low.


  1. a) Pintail.

Pintail is best for those who intend to discover exactly how to longobard, thanks to its sizes and shape. It is excellent for traveling, as because of its length (around or more than 36″), provides a durable base for those starting out.

  1. b) Drop-through deck.

Drop-through offers better security while riding at high-speed. It is generally made use of for cruising with energy as you will certainly be able to promote rate to match your demands. It is constructed for more detailed riding when contrasted to pintails; drop-through generally features secure wheelbase, kicks as well as concave.

  1. c) Drop-down deck.

If you are trying to find traveling as well as carving under 25mph after that look no further. When it comes to moving, you will find that drop down deck is made in heaven. Having a fall is also helpful for pressing and also travelling, this is because you don’t have to stress a lot to reach down as well as push. The reduced the board, the reduced the exhaustion.


  1. a) Pintail

Pintail, although deals more foot area, it is less effective and also not as steady as you will he higher off the ground. It is also flatter when compared to drop-through as well as a result does not have much concave for safeguarding your feet. This causes pintails being much less adaptive and also maneuverable.

  1. b) Drop-through deck

Drop via deck may not be suitable if you are a beginner. The maneuverability supplied by drop-through can be somewhat overwhelming for a novice. You may intend to improve your skills prior to going with a drop-through.

  1. c) Drop-down deck

You have to be extra mindful when riding drop-down downhill. It’s very harsh. However still, if you desire pure fulfillment of being surprised by the wind, it comes highly recommended.



Skateboard has actually been around for as long as the sport has existed. Starting with the shape, skateboards have the most hostile kick-tails and nose so that you can do tricks. Still, the specifying feature of a skateboard will always be their popsicle shape that separates it from the nest.


If your objective is to do tricks, going up ramps and grind rails, skateboard is your buddy.

Plus, as a result of its dimensions, you can conveniently fit skateboards in your bag-packs and start riding anywhere you like.


  1. a) You will certainly always have to lug it around. There is no alternative readily available for lock.
  2. b) The damage to the footwear is more in case of skateboard due to kicking and the built of the skateboard. The tape on longboard is friendly for shoes.

Cruiser board


Cruiser boards primarily separate in between themselves by materials. There are 2 major sorts of cruiser boards, made from either plastic (penny boards) or wood.

  1. a) Plastic

Cruiser board made from plastic is known as cent board; have an extremely narrow deck made from plastic and various other lightweight products.

  1. b) Wood

The best means to define a “wood” cruiser board is that you take a longboard as well as skateboard and create a wonderful fusion. They have low-key kick-tails and also wider style when compared with plastic cruiser board, which implies you can do flip techniques if you want (not suggesting it’s simpler, unless you are used to it). It is typically longer than a skateboard and also much shorter than your normal long board.


Cruiser board is usually for cruising short ranges. They are conveniently maneuverable mid-length boards designed for cruising roads.

  1. Plastic

As a result of its dimensions, penny-board are easy to carry and also have far better ability to move, making it optimum for kids. The softer wheels on the board additionally make it stable and also give that” smooth” feeling while riding.

  1. Wood

It is perfect for your daily commute or just cruising around the city. Contrasted to skateboards, it has greater truck and is also bigger and softer when it comes to wheels, making it simpler to ride.


  1. a) Plastic

– Penny boards are hard to ride because of their little space which is barely suitable for a grown-up, making it an unpleasant experience for newbies.

– Pennyboards are not tricks-friendly. Its only utilization is commuting (which was its original objective anyhow!).

– A lot more costly than longboards for half its size. It is far better to obtain wooden cruisers if you are looking for a decent mode of commute.

  1. b) Wood

– This cruiser board is not created downhill, although they allow for fast acceleration, they can place you off balance and also lack the comfort of a longboard.

– When compared to skateboards, it is challenging to do techniques on cruisers simply because of the absence of stability, placing you off balance as well as in the most awful instances crashing and also injuring on your own.


So, there you have it. Whichever board you pick, ensure you base that decision on the type of riding you will be doing and what you want to achieve. As a result, the suitability of your chosen board will certainly additionally depend upon what you want to use it for.

For instance, whether you want to be an expert skater or you wish to use it to travel around. Your experience also matters when picking a board.

If you ask me, for newbies, who are finding out just how to skateboard, I would certainly advise the longboard over skateboard as well as cruiser boards just because they are much more obtainable as well as there is an opportunity that you will certainly be able to ride within a number of hours.

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