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SharePoint is Microsoft’s leading web-based knowledge sharing and document management portal – which has become popular with many small and medium-sized businesses. Instead of installing a local SharePoint Server or traditional file server, in many cases you can just pay a monthly (and affordable) amount per month. User per month.

For many companies, SharePoint services . Is the first step on the road to the ‘cloud’.

Precisely because SharePoint is a cloud environment, one can securely store, organize, share and access data across departments and devices. You can also use SharePoint for file sharing outside the company – as you can easily control who has access to what.

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With SharePoint, you can create connections between teams, projects and files. All data is in the cloud, and integrates with virtually all Microsoft tools, such as the Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote), Microsoft Teams and more.

By using SharePoint as a file server, you ensure that what you do is automatically saved. All files on SharePoint have a version history, which makes it possible to find old versions of a given document. It also means avoiding many different file versions sent back and forth via mail. Instead, they work together on one document .


If the goal is to replace a common drive (e.g. a P or T drive), then the work process changes. Therefore, it is important that everyone in the company, especially the end users (employees), is prepared to have to work through the browser.

It can seem overwhelming to have to turn upside down several work processes, especially if you do not know why the new system is better. Therefore, as an IT manager or IT manager, you must communicate solutions and demonstrate the benefits to employees.

It is possible to synchronize individual folders down on your work machine. Here, however, it is important that all computers are encrypted with Bit Locker, so that all data is secured in the event that a computer is lost or stolen.




Sparvath is the dream example of the modern workplace.

The employees demanded a more flexible workflow so that they could access customer data, drawings, etc. in the field.

Here, SharePoint was a perfect match and today all employees work more or less online.

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It is an obvious solution for small and medium-sized businesses that want to modernize their file server without having to buy new hardware. SharePoint is particularly suitable for companies where the amount of data does not consist of large or complex files. Since it all takes place online, it is not always optimal to have large files (e.g. 3D or video files) in SharePoint.

Internet speed can quickly limit the efficiency of employees. In such cases, we recommend a hybrid server solution (see more about hybrid solutions).

For the vast majority, however, SharePoint will create value. One just has to be aware that the  technical implementation and the conversion process itself requires consideration .


From file drive to SharePoint

Since our launch in 2014, we at Info wise have been using Office 365. The entire 365 environment has been a great help, and we have benefited from all the features that are the link between the Office programs that we all know.

We have long since moved away from T: drives and P: drives. We put our files in SharePoint, and basically, for security reasons, there is no data on each work machine. However, we have chosen that some SharePoint sites allow the synchronization of files onto the work machine itself (via One Drive). It makes working with heavy files easier.

Our policy is that files must be secure – whether the communication is via email or through a chat client. Sensitive business documents cannot be shared via insecure channels.


In 2018, we decided to split our SharePoint into several sites, to more easily control access to files. Where before we had directories with products, suppliers, technology and sales, today we have sites.

The new SharePoint sites have given us an overview that makes it easier to navigate the company’s many files.


It is possible to chat one-on-one or in groups, and we have made it a habit to use chat for cases where we lack a quick response from a colleague. With us, mail is primarily for external communication.

With Microsoft Teams, we get not only a chat client, but also a ‘portal’, which looks down into our file server. Our internal communication is therefore no longer only one-to-one or group-based, but can now be about individual files, projects or folders.

For example, our technicians have their own SharePoint site, where they write messages, share knowledge and plan their work.

With Microsoft Teams, we can easily navigate our various sites, but also work in documents – completely without opening a browser.

With the Search function in Teams, you can even search across multiple sites and directories in a more efficient way.

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