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Once you become a parent, you are either subconsciously or consciously concerned with what to do if you suspect child abuse. Parents are the best guardians of children, and they are always worried about their children when the children are not before their eyes. Especially, a mother thinks for 24 hours a day for her baby. In the following writing, you will come to know what to do if you suspect child abuse.

Child Abuse
Child Abuse

Keep Child Away from Suspected Abuser and Seek Help Immediately from the Healthcare Provider

Keep your child away from the suspected abuser if you suspect your child might have been abused. The next step of what to do if you suspect child abuse is to seek help immediately. For example, you can report your worry to the healthcare provider of your child. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, other care providers are legally compelled to report all the cases of suspected abuse including child abuse to the proper authority.

Doctors Examine for Signs of Physical Abuse and Report File

A good alternative to what to do if you suspect child abuse is taking your child to the hospital. Or, you can take him or her to the pediatrician of your child. If you do not know to whom to go for letting your child be examined, a social worker can refer such a one, besides informing you about the other community services and support groups. The doctors in the hospital or the pediatrician will examine your child to find out any sign of physical abuse in him or her. If they can find out any sign of child abuse in your child after their examination, they will report a file with the child protective services.

What You Can Do over Phone If You Suspect Child Abuse

Calling from your cell phone or land phone in your home or office is one more way of what to do if you suspect child abuse. You can call the police, the agency of child protective services in your locality, and the department of human services in your state, county, or city. If you do not have the phone numbers, you can search online writing “child abuse”, and if you want to get advice and local referrals, you can call the hotline number of The Child Help National Child Abuse.

Abuse for Surrogacy Child

Surrogacy babies are more sensitive hence they grow in the surrogate’s womb. Whether you do any rough with the surrogacy baby that might be more harmful rather than ordinary babies. It is one of the terms and conditions of a surrogacy agreement that you won’t abuse your surrogacy baby. However, still, if anything like abuse happens with your baby you might contract to the agency. You may ask agencia gestacion subrogada for more about surrogacy agencies.

A Law Enforcement Officer will Come to Talk with You about What Happened with Your Child

On the doctors’ finding out any sign of child abuse in your child after their examination and then, based on their reporting a file with the child protective services after the examination of your child to find out any sign of physical abuse in him or her is done by the doctors in the hospital or the pediatrician, an officer from the law enforcement authority or a social worker will come to talk with you about what had happened with your child.

Sometimes, it is very tough to become sure whether your child has been abuse or not even noticing signs of abuse on his or her body, which might be there for another reason than abusing. However, remaining anxious suspecting that there has been abuse with your child is not a good idea. If you are really anxious about your suspected abuse of your child, discuss the matter with your life partner, then with the pediatrician of your child, and then call a child abuse hotline. A Child is the most loving thing to parents. They can never abuse their child themselves, but a parent with financial or relationship problems, or with drug or alcohol addiction can hurt his or her child physically or mentally.

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